Birthdays Are Grand

Yay! She’s turning 8 today and I’m so so thankful for her. I’ve been thinking of all the opportunities we have when our children are young to create beautiful memories. Birthday cakes are definitely one of those opportunities for us. I minimally helped her to create the cake she wanted, lemon with raspberry flavored buttercream. […]

Smashed Meatball Sandwiches

A delicious, you’re gonna wanna make it, smashed meatball sandwich. I’ve gotta share this with you and I’m sorry for not sharing it sooner. Ingredients: Simple Amish White Bread Shape it like a french loaf and bake on a cookie sheet. Butter Garlic Powder Easy Pizza Sauce (made ahead of time) Ground Pork/Beef Cavender’s All Purpose Greek […]

Sweet Ones

28 sweet little peeping chicks arrived today. We all traipsed into the post office to retrieve our darlings. It was a field trip of sorts complete with checking out all the mail boxes (because we came too early), but the hearing of their sweet little chirps for the first time was the most thrilling part […]

Our Garden

We started our garden way back in January or February. Planting seeds, watering, moving them around from spot to spot, checking their progress often. The tomato seedlings we transplanted, with the exception of one, died. To our surprise the onions that looked barely bigger than strands of thread have thrived. There are more weeds than […]