4 Weeks of Baby Chicks

These sweet babies have already been with us a whole month! They’re not really babies anymore though, more like kids who are quickly becoming teenagers. They’re changing daily and getting all the more rascally as time passes. I love how comfortable they can be around us, but it’s also pretty funny to watch them run […]

Smashed Meatball Sandwiches

A delicious, you’re gonna wanna make it, smashed meatball sandwich. I’ve gotta share this with you and I’m sorry for not sharing it sooner. Ingredients: Simple Amish White Bread¬†Shape it like a french loaf and bake on a cookie sheet. Butter Garlic Powder Easy Pizza Sauce¬†(made ahead of time) Ground Pork/Beef Cavender’s All Purpose Greek […]

Sweet Ones

28 sweet little peeping chicks arrived today. We all traipsed into the post office to retrieve our darlings. It was a field trip of sorts complete with checking out all the mail boxes (because we came too early), but the hearing of their sweet little chirps for the first time was the most thrilling part […]

Love Dwells Here

If going to Grandma’s house is fun, then going to Great Grandma’s house must be amazing. This sweet lady in particular has the most joyful home, the incredible ability to turn the simplest of meals into a delicious feast, and the mellowness that comes with time. She is calm, patient, and willing to play a […]

Butchering Time

Fall has come and along with it cooler temperatures, which for us this year meant that it was time to butcher the two pigs we got in the spring. While I suggested the names Pork Chop and Ham Hock the kids picked out the names Spot and Piglet. Spot was the girl and the bigger […]

Behind the Scenes

Sitting out on the front porch in the beautiful sunshine knitting a new animal puppet. This little guy has big dreams of becoming a deer. In other news a deer was kind enough to leave this imprint on our truck before it died… and that is my inspiration for wanting to make a deer puppet. […]

Evening Adventure

Yesterday evening we decided to pack up the truck, go fishing, and grill by the pond. It was wonderful and {even though I don’t deserve it one little bit} I am blessed by God. I took this picture of my sweet little’s and also captured a fish jumping out of the water. The Lord is […]