Birthdays Are Grand

Yay! She’s turning 8 today and I’m so so thankful for her. I’ve been thinking of all the opportunities we have when our children are young to create beautiful memories. Birthday cakes are definitely one of those opportunities for us. I minimally helped her to create the cake she wanted, lemon with raspberry flavored buttercream. […]

October Sunrise

As I was bringing breakfast to the table this morning I caught a glimpse of the sunrise out our front door window. It’s a small window and what I saw caused me to pause, yet hurry. I wanted to see more. I set our plates down and opened the curtains and immediately uttered the words, […]

Prairies End Pumpkin Patch

On a hot, hot day in the middle of September we went to Prairies End Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze. Thankfully there was a breeze most of the time and we were together. Overall it was a fun way to spend a couple hours. There are lots and lots of photo opportunities and many different […]

Swinging Bridge

We headed down to Warsaw recently to go to the swinging bridge. It goes back to 1904 and has clearly been redone, it was so much fun to walk over and the views were pretty great too. Then we headed to the Truman Dam Visitor Center where the kids played school and I found this […]

Summer Camping

The weekend before the “official” kick off to summer we loaded up the truck and headed out to go camping. It was a wonderfully relaxing weekend full of my sweet ones in the most beautiful place. We did all the normal camping things and came home so very refreshed.    

4 Weeks of Baby Chicks

These sweet babies have already been with us a whole month! They’re not really babies anymore though, more like kids who are quickly becoming teenagers. They’re changing daily and getting all the more rascally as time passes. I love how comfortable they can be around us, but it’s also pretty funny to watch them run […]