Birthdays Are Grand

Yay! She’s turning 8 today and I’m so so thankful for her. I’ve been thinking of all the opportunities we have when our children are young to create beautiful memories. Birthday cakes are definitely one of those opportunities for us. I minimally helped her to create the cake she wanted, lemon with raspberry flavored buttercream. The cake was a box mix, but the frosting was homemade. It’s all just about the same to her, although she does love butter. She’s learning to measure ingredients and how to control the stand mixer. Nearly everyday she asks if she can make something, so to get to bake for her birthday is pretty awesome. We mixed up the frosting, tasting as we went, and then adjusted the color to her liking. I dolloped the frosting onto the cake and stood back, watching her spread it just so, encouraging her as she went. She really wanted to pipe and had been looking forward to the task ever since her older sister got a piping set for her birthday a couple months back. She picked out the tip she liked and then set to work creating all sorts of beautiful flowers to top her cake. Tonight we’ll sing to her and watch as she blows out the candles and someday, Lord willing, she’ll say, “Remember when…” to me or perhaps she’ll recreate her childhood memories by making new ones with her own children.




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