Making and Breaking Bread With My Daughters

My kids love being in the kitchen most likely because I love being in the kitchen. They have watched me bake and cook and clean from the time they were itty bitty. {I use to put on “cooking shows” for them and narrate each step as I cooked while they would sit in their baby swing or watch from their bouncy on the counter next to me.}

Of course, they love it when I teach them new things to make. They love it so much that my youngest daughter told me on the day that they made their very first bread items from start to finish with only guidance from me that it was her “best day ever”. That impacted me, I don’t remember her ever saying that before. It struck me that on such an ordinary day she would find so much joy that it would be the best. I recently read a quote that said something about how our kids won’t remember their best day of watching tv.

So, this week I decided that the girls are old enough and patient enough to make bread with only my guidance and their own hard work making it happen. We decided that we would halve the recipe so they could each make one loaf of bread and have less dough to work with. I was mindful of kneading and how laborious that can become.

{I remember sweating over the very first loaf of bread I ever made trying to get it to the point that the cookbook I was using had described. I was newly married and wanted my husband to say it was the best he had ever had. I don’t recall him saying it was the best, but he did eat it and he liked it and that encouraged me to keep making.}

We talked about each ingredient and purpose in the recipe and went slowly through each step and technique, like measuring flour. They loved every single step and did it all with such care that I wondered why I hadn’t taught them sooner. Cora decided to make a braided loaf and Alice went with cinnamon rolls. We enjoyed some of each that night with supper and for dessert. I made spaghetti with meat sauce and green beans and we turned half of Cora’s loaf into garlic bread. They loved contributing to the meal in such a big way. It also seemed to be eye opening for them as far as how hard we work to produce an item and then how quickly it is consumed. They took such joy in the work and their final product that they were already planning to do it again the next day. We didn’t, but are planning to again very soon. Perhaps this weekend.

“Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation.”

-Psalm 68:19


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