We decided Saturday afternoon to go camping. Once we told the kids we were in full motion until every last item we needed was packed in. It was wonderful and for all the effort we were fully rewarded with a quiet, restful time. It was joy to… watch the kids play on the hay bale, […]

Evening Adventure

Yesterday evening we decided to pack up the truck, go fishing, and grill by the pond. It was wonderful and {even though I don’t deserve it one little bit} I am blessed by God. I took this picture of my sweet little’s and also captured a fish jumping out of the water. The Lord is […]

Another Day Trip

Summer break is gone and school is here. What fun we’re going to have this year learning. I told the kids before we started that they’ve already passed everything, so let’s dig in and enjoy learning all we can. Before we officially hit the books we took a trip over the weekend to a place […]