Our Garden

We started our garden way back in January or February. Planting seeds, watering, moving them around from spot to spot, checking their progress often. The tomato seedlings we transplanted, with the exception of one, died. To our surprise the onions that looked barely bigger than strands of thread have thrived. There are more weeds than we care to tackle in one outing and we are most certainly learning as we go, but this is our garden.

We planted 2 types of sugar snap peas this year. These sugar snap peas vine. We planted at least twice as many as last year, but still very few have made their way inside. There are also 3 cabbage plants in the middle of this box.

garden veggies 002 garden veggies 003

This purple flower is Salvia. It’s pretty and I don’t have to mess with it. This is our first year growing cabbage. We’re hoping to use these to make kraut. We started these from seeds and they’re growing so well.

garden veggies 005 garden veggies 007

This is where we have our other sugar snap peas. These are suppose to be a short bushy plant, but as you can see toward the back of the box they get pretty tall. They end up just falling over on themselves. As far as taste I like the others better because they’re sweeter. I also planted a few tomato plants here, and there are at least 2 volunteer plants that have come up from last year.

garden veggies 008 garden veggies 009

At the other end of the box where the cabbages are we planted carrot seeds. They need to be thinned, but they’re just so pretty. We’ll get to the thinning soon. There are also 3 jalapeno plants. Salsa and rotel, please.

garden veggies 010 garden veggies 011

4 Cherry tomato plants and a pot of June bearing strawberries.

garden veggies 013

garden veggies 014

We’ve mostly used what we have on hand to make our various boxes. Here are two of the three we added this year. The one on the left has 33 tomato plants (9 different varieties) and 1 cucumber plant because I dropped the seed and couldn’t find it. We’re planning to have the box on the right prepared for next year. The plant on the right is a goliath tomato. The bloom is huge compared to the other tomato blooms. We’re hoping to have lots of tomatoes to can and freeze.

garden veggies 015 garden veggies 017

This box has cucumbers, watermelon,  bush beans, and weeds.

 garden veggies 021 garden veggies 022

Here are our onions. The two outside rows are onion sets I picked up from the store and the two rows in the middle are the onions we started from seed. When we were planting the ones we started I was thinking we’d never start onions from seeds again, but seeing their progress now makes me want to try all the varieties.

garden veggies 023 garden veggies 024

We’ve got some beautiful honeysuckle that is trying to take the fence down near the chicken coop. Unfortunately the sweet chicks we had are a distant memory thanks to a raccoon that gobbled them all up and took our laying hens from 6 to 2. We’ll try again next year. We have added two pigs to our place though, for a limited time only.

garden veggies 026 garden veggies 030

Herbs are such a fun addition to the garden because many come back year after year and they end up being so much cheaper than buying herbs from the store. Even the annuals will often reseed themselves. I still have much of the herbs I dried last year in my pantry waiting to be used. Here is one of our oregano plants. The dill is coming up all over the place. I’m hoping to have lots of cucumbers to pair with this dill and garlic for pickles.

garden veggies 031 garden veggies 032

We have more dill and cilantro coming up on the other side of the fence. I love the messy look of this fence line and knowing all the goodies that are growing there among the weeds. I bought a few impatiens for the kids to plant and take care of this summer.

garden veggies 033 garden veggies 034

More of the girl’s flowers and our beautiful porch. When we’re not out hunting for snap peas, visiting the pigs, or doing any of our other much loved summer activities this is where we love to be.

garden veggies 035 garden veggies 036


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