I keep going back to these two pictures and try to pick my favorite to print and hang. I love them both, though. The first one is us posing and the second is us getting a little more comfortable in front of the camera.

{My uncle John took these for us at my cousin’s wedding (he also took pictures for us at our wedding). John taking them makes them that much more special. John is my mom’s youngest brother. In the summer of 3rd or 4th grade mom signed me up for softball. I was very nervous about playing. But, John bought me a ball glove and conditioner for the glove for my birthday. I used the conditioner religiously and got my glove broken in and also became more comfortable using it. It ended up that I had a lot of fun playing softball that year and cried when the last game was rained out and not rescheduled. 24 years later I still have and use the same ball glove.}

Here we are, eleven years of marriage and three sweet kids later, still so thankful for each other and what God accomplishes in His perfect timing and perfect way.

wedding 040
wedding 041


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