Almond Crescents

Here’s another recipe from my Grandma. They’re a version of russian tea cakes. She liked the crescent shape because the edges get a little crisper while the centers are still flaky.

cookies 009

First I ground the almonds in the food processor and then added the sugar and pulsed that a few times with the ground almonds. Last I added the softened butter and flour and pulsed it until I had a nice evenly textured dough.

I used a 1 TB cookie scoop to portion the dough.

cookies 002

Next, I pressed the dough firmly in my hand to make a log and then shaped into the crescent with the tips of my fingers. It really is a process that requires patience and a gentle hand. cookies 001

When they were finished baking I rolled them, while still hot, in the sugar vanilla mixture.

cookies 006

They’re delicious with some cold milk or even better with a hot cup of black coffee. Enjoy!

cookies 012

Almond Crescent

1/2# Butter

1/2 C. Sugar

1 C. ground Almonds

2 C. Flour

Mix all together. Make crescents.

Bake 350°F  -30 min.

Mix 4 TB Sugar and a few drops of Vanilla. Roll baked crescents in mixture.


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