Harvesting Corn

This week we were blessed to watch corn being combined. It was a sunny 43 degrees which made it pleasant to watch and take photos. My middle and little even rode along. They described it as being, “like a corn maze” and “like they were chopping down corn”.

We got to the field a little early, so we explored.

It was fun to get up close to the corn.

combining! 002

The grain truck.

combining! 004

And even the combine. It is giant and beautiful.

combining! 016

It was fun to study with the kids and talk about how the corn is gathered and then taken into the machine.

combining! 026

Those wheels were inviting all the little children to have a seat.

combining! 019

combining! 020

He got a little ahead of me. I brought him back, though.

combining! 021

Farmer Bob came and away they went.

First they emptied corn from the night before.

combining! 032

Then they got busy gathering.

combining! 040

The sky was gorgeous.

combining! 044

It didn’t take long and the corn was all gathered. The kids wished that he had lots and lots more to do. They were nowhere close to being tired of combining. Now if we would’ve gotten a little closer to lunch they might have been singing a different tune. As it was, they have nothing but good memories of the time. They are very concerned about Bob, wondering where he is now and what he’s doing. A farmer’s work is never done.

combining! 048

We visited for just a while and then it was time to go, but right before we fully turned to leave I decided we had to get a picture. I’m so glad I took this one.

combining! 050


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