Melting Snowman Sugar Cookies

snowman cookies 001These cookies were a great activity to do today because this is the first snow of the season around here! My children loved the project. With only 14 cookies (2 of which I decorated while they were outside playing, so that they could see an example right in front of them) it really was the perfect amount. They thoroughly enjoy it without any of us being sick of decorating before it was finished.

I searched google and pinterest for sugar cookie and icing recipes and picked based off what I thought looked good and what ingredients I had, because if it’s snowing I’m more than likely staying right here in my nice cozy home, by the nice cozy fire, with my sweet little family.

My suggestions if you’re going to make these with your sweet ones (as if you didn’t already know, but hey sometimes a gentle reminder can be the best encouragement):

~Be Patient.          ~Enjoy the Process.          ~Let them do it.          ~Praise them.          ~Include them in clean up, too.


snowman cookies 003


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